Fee and procedure of opening a securities account with Vnstockmarket

Ngày đăng May 12, 2020

As the same visa extension and renewing work permits, the procedures and documents that need to be prepared for foreigners to open a securities account in Vietnam are also required many documents and complicated procedure. Due to that, Vnstockmarket would like to provide foreign investors with an opening stock account service in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

Procedures for opening a trading stock account for individual investors

1- Notarizing passports

First, the investor needs to notarize 4 copies of passports in a Notary center. The cost depends on the number of passport pages that the investor needs to be notarized. Normally that cost is not over $15 and the investor pays directly to the notary center. Including traveling time, It may take 1-1.5 hours.

2- Opening BIDV indirect capital investment account.

After finishing the first steps, the investor brings copies of the passport to BIDV branch at Nam Ky Khoi Nghia to open the ICIA account. The investors pay no fee for that step excepting a deposit of $2 in BIDV account. Including traveling time, It may take around 1-1.5 hours.

3- Opening stock account in a securities company.

After receiving a certificate of BIDV ICIA account, the investor brings that certificate to a securities company to implement a step of opening a trading stock account. This step may take the longest time because investors have to fulfill many forms and easy to make mistakes when filling forms without consultation. The investor pays no fee and may take about 1.5-2 hours to finish.

4- Waiting for approval Stock exchanges and depository center

That process may take one week if the stock exchange and depository center do not find any issue with the investor’s information and forms. Otherwise, they will ask the brokerage securities company to make clear more details about the investors’ information, then it will take more time than a week.

5- Receiving approval for securities trading codes.

After receiving approval for securities trading codes, the investor has the full legal right to trade and invest stock in Vietnam.

Vnstockmarket would like to provide support services to open securities accounts for investors. The service includes:

  • Advice on choosing a suitable securities company.
  • Transporting investors to opening account locations by the consultant’s car/scooter. (if the investor want to travel by his own vehicle, the consultant is willing to go with)
  • Assisting investors during the process of opening accounts (filling forms, declaring information, signing contracts, etc.)
  • Supporting investors to provide additional information in case the securities company or trading center asks more information.
  • Providing Vietnam daily market watch report via email.
  • Receiving a 20% discount when signing up for investment advisory services provided by Vnstockmarket.

The service fee is $100  (~ 2,300,000) VND in Ho Chi Minh City and $90 (~ 2,100,000 VND) in Ha Noi.

We believe that with the direct support of Vnstockmarket consultants, the investor can open a securities account in Vietnam in the shortest time.




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