HNX trading regulations

Ngày đăng January 31, 2018

HNX trading regulations

1. Trading hours

hnx trading regulation


2. Order matching methods

  1. Periodic order matching
  2. Continuous order matching
  3. Put-through

3. Execution Principles

  • Price priority
  • Time priority

4. Trading unit

  • Trading unit of order matching in parity lot: 100 shares/bonds/ ETFs
  • Trading volume for stock put-through transactions: 5,000 shares/ETFs or more
  • Trading volume for bond put-through transactions: 1,000 bonds or more
  • No trading unit applied for put-through transactions
  • Odd lot with volume from 1 to 99 stocks/bonds/ETFs are executed by order-matching or put-through
  • Put-through and odd lot transactions are not allowed on first trading day or stocks which are re-traded after being suspended for 25 days or more on its first day of re-trading until closing price established.

5. Price tick:

6. Price range:

  • Price range of stocks is ± 10% of the reference price.
  • Price range applied for newly listed stocks or stocks which are re-traded after being suspended for 25 days or more on its first day of re-trading is ± 30% of the reference price
  • No price range applied for bonds.

7. Reference price:

The reference price is the closing price of stocks on the most recent trading date.

8. Type of orders:

  1. Limit order (LO) is valid till the end of the trading date or at the time of cancellation.
  2. Market order is valid during continuous order matching session
    • Market to Limit (MTL) is similar to MP in HSX
    • Fill or Kill (MOK) order must be filled in its entirely or canceled
    • Fill and Kill (MAK) order can be filled partially and canceled the remaining volume
  3. ATC Order is valid on periodic order matching session

9. Cancellation/Amendment of orders

  • Unmatched or partially – filled orders can be cancelled or amended price/volume
    • Amended volume increase: Order priority is counted at the time of amendment.
    • Amended volume decrease: Order priority remains unchanged
  • Cancellation/ Amendment of orders in periodic order-matching session is not allowed (including orders in previous continuous order matching session)


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