How to approach the Vietnamese stock market for foreign investors

How to approach the Vietnamese stock market for foreign investors:

Many foreigners currently working in Vietnam and want to invest in the stock market here. But it’s hard for them to approach the Vietnamese stock market being not only due to language issue but also the different culture business environment and legal system. This article recommends foreign investors to invest in Vietnam’s stock market.

1. How to open a securities trading account:

Firstly to invest in Vietnam stock market, the investor has to own a securities trading account. So how to open that account in Vietnam? How to open a securities trading account

Basically, for creating a stock account, foreign investors just need a valid passport. But they must decide which brokerage firm is the most suitable among dozens. How to know the full content of contract, services, and policies? If you need someone supports you with Vietnam’s stock market. Contact us, we will support you for free.

2. How to approach the information

Here we introduce some websites, pages, groups for you to access the Vietnam stock market efficiently.


This website is built by Vietstock Inc. One of two financial websites have the largest visitors in Vietnam. This website provides you news, commentaries, and material information about the stock market and Vietnam’s economy. You can also download some financial data such as listed companies’ financial reports, reporting industries.


Developing by a group of analysts, journalists, and brokers to support foreign investors could get information market fully. The website includes most up-to-date news, daily market commentary, investment guide, and analysis report.


Vietnam Investment Review is a government gazette, keeping you up-to-date with the latest news and insightful analysis of macroeconomic, investment, property, banking, and corporate finance.


“Vietnam Economic Times online is an electronic publication of the Vietnam Economic Times Group (Thời báo Kinh Tế Việt Nam), offering timely and authoritative news coupled with insight and opinion on business, finance, and social issues in Vietnam”.

Professor Dao Nguyen Cat, Editor-in-chief is one of the most famous and honorable editors in Vietnam.

2.5 Groups and pages online social media: 

Recently, the Vietnamese stock market doesn’t have many active groups for sharing information, knowledge, and experience in the Vietnamese stock market. are trying to develop an investor community for foreign investors.

Pages on Facebook: Investing in Vietnam‘s stock market 

Group on Facebook: Investing in Vietnam‘s stock market 

Besides, investors also should participate in groups on Skype, wechat, Viber or What’s app group to receive and discuss more information with other investors. Contact us for joining our groups.

3. Trading and investing in Vietnam stock market

You may experience in investing stock market in the US, HongKong or Indian stock market but each market they have some distinct features. Not only because of the different conditional economy and regulations but also the different business cultures. So we introduce you some tips to help you get used to it easier.
Things you need to know about the Vietnam stock market



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