How to approach information in Vietnam stock market

As a frontier stock market, Vietnam has a huge potential to grow in the future; however, the stock market still has a lot of legal barriers, is restricted to capital flow, has unstandardized measurements, and so on. Due to this, foreigners often feel intimidated to approach the Vietnamese stock market. This article recommends foreign investors different ways to approach this information in Vietnam.

1. Open a securities trading account in a big company

Because of particular features of a frontier market, even professional financial institutes are hit with a lot of difficulties when investing in Vietnam. Because of this reason, if you own a stock account in Vietnam, it means you are able to use some of their services and read their reports. This clearly helps you learn about the Vietnamese stock market more effectively and accurately because no international financial institutions understand the Vietnamese market better than local companies.

We recommend HSC and VCSC as two of the best securities companies for foreign investors because of their variety of reports and professional services.

 How to open a securities trading account

2. Visit websites, groups, pages.

Here we introduce some websites, pages, and groups for investors to access the Vietnamese stock market freely.

2.1 Indochinastock  

Developed by Vietstock company, this website provides the investors with news, commentaries, and material information about the stock market and Vietnam’s economy. Investors can also download some financial data such as the listed companies’ financial reports, and reporting industries.

2.2 Investing in the Vietnamese stock market

Developed by TTV company, a company that provides investment services to foreign investors, this site provides such services as fund management, investment consulting, and brokerage services. The website includes most up-to-date news, daily market commentary, investment guide, and analysis report.

2.3 Vietnam Investment Review

Vietnam Investment Review is a government gazette, keeping the investors up-to-date with the latest news and insightful analysis of macroeconomics, investment, property, banking, and corporate finance.

2.4 Vietnam Economics

“Vietnam Economic Times online is an electronic publication of the Vietnam Economic Times Group (Thời báo Kinh Tế Việt Nam), offering timely and authoritative news coupled with insight and opinion on business, finance, and social issues in Vietnam”. Professor Dao Nguyen Cat, Editor-in-chief, is one of the most famous and honorable editors in Vietnam.

2.5 Cophieu68


2.6  Online social media groups and pages

Recently, the Vietnamese stock market doesn’t have many active groups for sharing information, knowledge, and experience in the Vietnamese stock market. is trying to develop an investor community for foreign investors.

Pages on Facebook: Investing in Vietnam‘s stock market 

Group on Facebook: Investing in Vietnam‘s stock market 

Investors also should participate in groups on Skype, wechat, Viber, Line or WhatsApp to receive and discuss more information with other investors. Contact us for joining our groups.

2.7 Website of securities companies in Vietnam

Investors may be able to download or get free reports on these websites of these securities companies, but many of them require investors to own an account to use their services and products.

List of the 10 largest brokerage securities companies’ website in Vietnam’s stock market:

3 Use consultant service

Vnstockmarket would like to introduce our consultant services to foreign investors here.


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