How to open a stock account in Vietnam from aboard

Ngày đăng November 25, 2018

This article guides foreigners, living outside Vietnam, how to open a stock account at HSC corporation for investing in the Vietnamese stock market. If investors currently stay in Vietnam, please read this article, for foreign institutions please contact us to get detailed instructions.

  1. Prepare necessary legal documents:
    – Four notarized copies of the passport; two for opening BIDV bank account, and two for opening a stock account. Note that the passport must be notarized at the Vietnamese embassy in your country, and require at least one year of validity.
    Currently, HSC and SSI cooperate with BIDV for ease of creating an indirect investment account. Due to that, the procedure takes fewer steps than other company and the individual foreigners can open a stock account from outside Vietnam.

  2. Fulfill documents to open an Indirect investment account at BIDV bank
    Due to the Vietnamese law, before opening a stock account, you have to own an indirect investment account (IIA).  In Vietnam, BIDV is the only bank having the authorization to create a bank account for foreigners that connect to investors’ stock account for transferring money.  Documents needed to prepare:
    – 01 BIDV Account Opening Contract
    – 01 Commitment of using FPI
    – 02 notarized copies of the passport
    Instructions for completing the applications to open a BIDV bank account from abroad
    Contact us to receive those documents to open a BIDV account, or download here                                                          
  3. Fulfill documents to open a stock account at HSC
    – 01 Account Opening Agreement and Services Registration
    – 01 Securities Trading code Application form
    – 01 Power of Attorney
    -02 notarized copies of the passport.
    Instructions for completing the applications to open a stock account in Vietnam
    Contact us to receive these documents to open a BIDV account, or download  here

    In order to make sure that you fill all the information correctly, we would like to help with checking those forms before you pack the documents and send them to us. Vnstockmarket assures that we will definitely confidential your personal information and do not store or use customer personal information for any purpose other than providing services that customers request.
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