How to open stock account in Vietnam from aboard

This article guides the individual foreigner, living outside Vietnam, the way to open a stock account at HSC corporation for investing in the Vietnamese stock market. If the investor currently stays in Vietnam, read the article and for the foreign institution contact us to get the way to open an account.

  1. Prepare necessary legal documents:
    – 6 notarized copies of the passport; 2 for opening the bank account, and 4 for opening the stock account.
    Note: Those notarized copies of your passport must be notarized at the Vietnamese embassy in your country, and requiring at least one year of validity.
  2. Fulfill documents to open a bank account at BIDV bank
    Due to the Vietnamese law, before opening a stock account, you have to have a bank account for transferring money. In Vietnam, BIDV is the only bank, having the authorization to create a bank account for foreigners that connect to investors’ stock account for transfer money.  Documents need to prepare:
    – 01 BIDV Account Opening Contract
    – 01 Commitment of using FPI
    – 02 notarized copies of the passport
    Download these documents here
  3. Fulfill documents to open a stock account at HSC
    HSC supports the customer to create a bank account when opening the stock account. So the procedure becomes easier for investors. Documents need to fulfill:
    – 02 Account Opening Agreement and Services Registration
    – 02 Securities Trading code Application form
    – 02 Power of Attorney
    – 04 notarized copies of the passport.
    Download these documents here
    (Customer click on these links to download documents and print them to fulfill)
    When finishing all the documents, the customers pack and send documents.
    Contact us, we will show you the way to fulfill those documents correctly and check them for you.



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