Instructions for completing the applications to open a stock account in Vietnam

Ngày đăng April 3, 2019

This article is for foreigners who want to open a stock account from aboard. For foreigners who could arrive in Vietnam for opening a stock account, please read this article to get more instructions.
After completing applications to opening a BIDV bank account, the foreign investors will need to keep completing applications to open a stock account at HSC. We show you images of completed documents in the same way that the article named Instructions for completing the applications to open a BIDV bank account from abroad.

1. Account opening agreement and services registration


2. Additional information declaration

3. FATCA Declaration


4. Power of Attorney


5. Letter of signing order confirmation

The investor fills in his personal information (yellow text), and sign at representative of client. Other information will be filled by HSC staff.

Some notes for you when filling the above documents:

  • Read carefully the information and make sure that you understand the content. If you want to explain more, don’t be hesitate to contact us.
  • Any of your information contains in your passport that should be written exactly the same into applications. For instance, in your passport, if your birth of place has only information Vancouver, Canada then you don’t need to fill more information like 240 Botox Street, Vancouver, Canada. It means only Vancouver, Canada is good.
  • Dots spaces are information that HSC will fulfill them for you (for example your account number).

In order to make sure that you fill all the information correctly, we would like to help with checking those forms before you pack the documents and send them to us. Vnstockmarket assures that we will definitely confidential your personal information and do not store or use customer personal information for any purpose other than providing services that customers request.
Contact us: Line/skype/wechat/Viber/Zalo/Facebook/hangout: +84 914612066.

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