Instruction of opening a stock account for foreign investors in Vietnam’s stock market

Ngày đăng January 31, 2018

This is an instruction on how to open a stock account for foreign investors in Vietnam’s stock market. (How to open a trading securities account in Vietnam) Before making a decision to open a trading account, we recommend the investors read the article below to get to know some points.
Things you need to know before opening a stock account for the foreigner in Vietnam
This article aims to teach foreigners living in Vietnam, but if you do not currently reside there, click here and we will instruct you on how to open the stock account from aboard.

Step 1: Prepare the necessary legal documents: 

  1. Individual investors: The valid passport (requiring at least one year of validity)
    The investor needs to have 4 notarized copies of the passport.
    If the foreigner is overseas, the investor needs to have a consular legalization copy of their passport which has been authorized by VN immigration if the foreigner is in Vietnam.
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  2. Institutional investors:
    – 01 application for registration of securities trading code signed by the institutional investor. (Form “Securities trading code application form for Institutional Investors”)
    – 01 legalized copy of Incorporation Certificate in the host country and the translated version of Incorporation Certificate (into Vietnamese) notarized in Vietnam.
    – 01 copy of ID/Passport of the authorized person.

Step 2: Open a bank account:

  1. Individual investors: 
    – Open the account from abroad
    If you live in another country and want to open a trading account in Vietnam please click here to get the detailed instructions.
    – Open the account in Vietnam
    First, individual investors have to open a bank account at BIDV-Nam Ky Khoi Nghia branch for transaction settlement. Currently,  HSC has been cooperating with BIDV bank on creating the bank account for foreign investors. Due to this, investors may be able to skip the first step.
  2. Institutional investors:
    Institutional investors have to open a custodial account at the bank.
    – Certificate of Incorporation
    – ID/Passport of the authorized person
    – Other forms as required by the Custodian Bank

Step 3: Open a stock account

  • After finishing the necessary documents, the investor will bring it to the brokerage firm to complete the opening account procedure. We also recommend the investor should contact the brokerage first before going there to make sure that they have someone who can guide and introduce their services in your language.
  • Note that each investor is permitted to open one stock account in the Vietnamese stock market. If you already have a stock account and want to open a new stock account at another securities company, you have to close the existing account first.

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