Review Vietnam stock market in 2018 through biggest events

Ngày đăng January 4, 2019

At the beginning of the year 2018, the index increased quickly in the first 3 months and got a new peak of 1207 points. However, after reaching the highest record, VNIndex fell in the downtrend until now. The year 2018 is a difficult year not for only Vietnamese investors, Thai investors, but also for almost investors around the world. Let review Vietnam stock market through 10 highlight events in 2018.

  1. VN stock indices got lost after highly increasing in 5 continues years.
    Vietnam stock market experienced the strongest fluctuation since the global financial crisis 2008. It is the year that ended the increasing period of 5 years. In 5 year, the stock market and the economic growth went up together at a high rate. But in 2018, Vnindex lost 10% while Vietnam GDP got the highest growth rate at 7.08% in 10 years.
    Vietnam’s economy achieved the record during the trade war and many central banks around the world are going to stick to the path of policy normalization.
    Otherwise, domestic listed companies have performed strong businesses with the expectation of increasing with the growth rate of 20% ( Based on that, the stock market is predicted that will come back to companion with the economy.
  2. The derivative market explores after established over one year
    The derivative market started trading on the August of 8th, 2017 and got an incredible growth of scale. At the end of 2017, the nominal trading value of the market reached a record of 2500 billion dong/ a trading day. In 10/2018, the value increased to 17000 billion dong/ a trading day.






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