Top 10 brokerage securities companies for foreign investors in Vietnam stock market

If you want to take part in the Vietnamese stock market you have to open a stock account in a securities company. So what securities company is the best for you? This article we show you top 10 brokerage securities companies at 2 official stock exchanges in Vietnam stock market.

Top 10 securities companies in the Vietnamese stock market

Top 10 brokerage securities companies dominate the brokerage market share at HSX Exchange in 2017:

HSX Exchange is the most important Stock Exchange in Vietnam. Almost huge public companies are listed at the exchange. The average liquidity value of the HSX Exchange takes more than 85% of the total trading market value. Therefore basically, which company takes the huge brokerage market share at HSX that company will also get the huge market share in Vietnam’s stock market.

Brokerage securities companies in Vietnam stock market


Top 10 brokerage securities Companies dominate the brokerage market share at HNX Exchange in 2017 brokerage securities in vietnam stock market


During the years SSI and HSC are the most successful companies in dominating the brokerage market share in Vietnam.

For foreign investors, we recommend the 3 largest companies: HSC, SSI, VCSC, the reasons:

  1. Leading and reputable financial corporations in the Vietnamese market. They have an extensive branch network in Vietnam. Transaction software, service systems, and employees are professional enough to provide and support foreign investors.
  2. Clear and strong financial situation. HSC and SSI are quite famous public companies in the Vietnam stock market. So these companies’ financial situation is quite easy to access. During the recent years, their business results were quite positive.
  3. The high quality of reporting. We appreciate HSC’s reports on both quality and quantity. Not all securities companies can maintain their objectivity on reports like HSC even large companies. And HSC’s analysts write reports in both Vietnamese and English language.

Trading fee

The trading fee is the most expensive fee. In the case you trade frequently, it’s the highest expense. You should care about the trading fee. Generally, large companies have a little bit higher trading fee than smaller companies. trading fee of the brokerage securrities companies

The trading stock fee broad at brokerage securities companies in Vietnam.

Lending margin interest rate

Recently, securities companies’ margin interest rates are around 13-14%/year, and differences between companies’ interest rate are trivial. Generally, the investor should ensure that their portfolio doesn’t include investments with high margin interest situations.

But if you are used to trading stock with high leverage, we also recommend well-known companies because:

  • Small companies have a weak financial health. When bull markets happen, investors often increase their margin leverage. You may suffer changes in margin services to limit pressure on the margin fund’s depletion. Perhaps this could cause your portfolio to go into a margin call situation.
  • Larger companies have more stable margin services because of stronger financial health. They also have the more extensive list of lending margin tickers.

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List of websites of 10 largest brokerage securities companies in Vietnam’s stock market:



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