Ngày đăng December 1, 2021

Stock market: Today, the market experienced a struggling session in a narrow range around 1470-1488 points before ending the session with a slight increase of nearly 7 points compared to yesterday. Market breadth tilted to the negative side with 9/19 sectors covered in green, in which the Banking sector gained the most with an increase of more than 1%. In the short term, the market needs to continue accumulating before it can turn back and break the resistance of 1500. Regarding the trade of foreign investors, today they net sold over 1,000 billion dong on the HSX.

Future contracts: Futures contracts all increased according to the movement of the VN30 index. Investors can look to buy short-term futures contracts.

Covered warrants: In the trading session on December 1, 2021, warrants differentiated when the underlying market struggled. Transaction value dropped sharply.

Technical analysis: VGT_Positive
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• VN-Index +6.75 points, closing at 1,485.19 points. HNX-Index -2.25 points, closing 455.81 points.
• Pulling the index up: NVL (+1.56), TPB (+1.01), VIC (+0.98), HDB (+0.80), CTG (+0.56).
• Pulling the index down: VHM (-1.86), DIG (-0.38), VJC (-0.34), GVR (-0.30), VGC (-0.18).
• The matching value of VN-Index reached VND 24,787 billion, down 15.7% compared to the previous session. The total transaction value reached VND 26,593 billion.
• The fluctuation range is 17 points. The market had 223 gainers, 45 reference stocks and 236 losers.
• Foreign investors’ net selling value: VND -1074.57 billion on HOSE, including VHM (VND -165.11 billion), VIC (VND -121.12 billion), MSN (VND -119.08 billion). Foreign investors were net sellers on HNX with the value of VND -55.05 billion.


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