Ngày đăng December 3, 2021

Stock market: During the whole day, the sellers dominated. VN-Index opened the morning session with only a slight increase and then gradually decreased. In the afternoon session, selling pressure almost completely overwhelmed, causing VN-Index to drop sharply and close by nearly 40 points lower than that of the previous session. Market breadth was skewed to the negative side with losers outnumbering gainers, and 16 out of 19 sectors declined. The only two industries that kept the green color today were the Health sector and the Communication industry, in which the Health sector had an impressive increase of more than 2%. Regarding the transactions of foreign investors, today they were net sellers on both HSX and HNX. Today, the market dropped sharply to the support level of 1443 points. VN-Index may quickly retest the support area of 1440-1450 points before forming a new trend next week.

Future contracts: Futures contracts all dropped in line with the movement of the VN30. Investors can sell short-term futures contracts.

Covered warrants: In the trading session on December 3, 2021, most warrants fell in line with the deep downtrend of the underlying securities.

Technical analysis: C69_Positive
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• VN-Index -38.73 points, closed 1,443.32 points. HNX-Index -8.96 points, closed 449.27 points.
• Pulling the index up: DHG (+0.28), HDC (+0.14), PME (+0.11), BAF (+0.10), ROS (+0.83).
• Pulling the index down: VHM (-2.35), BID (-2.22), GVR (-2.14), VIC (-1.68), VPB (-1.47).
• The matching value of VN-Index reached VND 27,344 billion, up 24% compared to the previous session. The total transaction value reached VND 32,864 billion.
• The fluctuation range is 49 points. The market had 61 advancers, 31 reference stocks and 415 losers.
• Foreign net selling value: VND -415.21 billion on HOSE, including DXG (VND -77.76 billion), VRE (VND -76.19 billion), NLG (VND -58.48 billion). Foreign investors were net sellers on HNX with the value of VND -1.74 billion.


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